About us

Dashingstar is a new generation company, an innovative combination of traditional and modern trading technologies.

Hundreds of customers have already appreciated the latest trade format offered by Dashingstar. We have developed and are using an internal quality control system, which greatly simplifies working with staff and protects the interests of the client. All this allows our customers to reserve goods at any time convenient for them, choose narrow delivery intervals and be absolutely confident in quality.

Large selection of products

We are constantly expanding the range of products to maximize the needs of our Partners.

Warranty service

Extensive experience and the latest logistics structure allow us to ensure delivery of orders to their destination in the shortest possible time.

High standards

EThe personal manager will accompany you at every stage of the purchase: he will consult you, help you pick up the goods and place an order.

Real benefits

Optimization of capacities (expenses, social payments, etc.) allowed the company to lower prices by 4.7% compared to competitors.


Your reliable partner

We work directly with manufacturers, bypassing intermediaries, which allows us to set favorable prices. In our person you get a reliable partner for your business.

The range is updated every season, new models constantly appear. We offer you wholesale products at competitive prices.



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